Friday, May 27, 2016

Roadway Resurfacing to Begin

Work Completed Last Week, May 23rd to May 27th  
·         Competed excavation and installation of aggregate base course within new cul-de-sac at north end of Pine Street
·         Poured new concrete curb & gutter within new cul-de-sac
·         Installation and final grading of topsoil and installation of sod within areas disturbed during construction
·         Fence Repairs along East Lake Avenue
·         Trench paving along underground utility improvements
·         First layer of asphalt pavement within cul-de-sac

Work Anticipated to be completed Next Week, May 30th to June 3rd
·          Mill existing asphalt surface along Pine Street
·         Perform pavement patching as required along existing roadway following milling operation
·         Pave asphalt surface along entire roadway
·         Construction of earthen berm along East Lake Avenue
·         Replace guard rail at Pine Point and Church Street

Now that the sod restoration, trench paving, and first layer of asphalt within the new cul-de-sac is completed, the majority of the disturbed areas are restored. The trench paving and first layer of asphalt within the cul-de-sac will greatly reduce the amount of dust along the project site. The sod restoration re-establishes the existing landscape along most of the homes. The contractor will continue to water the sod until it is fully established.

Next week the primary focus will be on roadway resurfacing. The existing roadway will be milled off, leaving a layer of the existing roadway in-place. Any patching required within the existing asphalt roadway will be performed. If progress goes as anticipated, the new asphalt surface will be installed by the end of the week. We ask that residents do not park their cars along the street during working hours (7:00 AM to 5:00) to help facilitate construction. On-street parking will be allowed during non-working hours.

Thanks again for all your understanding regarding the parking restrictions. The project is nearing completion with only a few major items of construction remaining to be completed.

No work will be performed over the holiday weekend.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!