Friday, May 13, 2016

Concrete Curb & Gutter Replacement and Trench Paving to Begin Next Week

Work Completed Last Week, May 9th to 13th
·         Completed water service replacements
·         Made final connections to existing water main at Pine Point and Pine Court
·         Abandoned old fire hydrants and valves
·         Tree removal along East Lake Avenue
·         Started concrete curb & gutter removal

Work Anticipated to be completed Next Week, May 16th to 20th
·         Complete concrete curb & gutter removal
·         Pour new concrete curb & gutter – Monday, May 16th
·         Asphalt restoration of underground utility trenches
·         Install fire hydrant near East Lake Avenue
·         Replace guard rail at Pine Point and Church Street
·         Fence repair along East Lake Avenue
·         Grading and clean-up within vacant properties on north side of Pine Street.

The underground utility improvement phase of the project is nearly complete, with the exception of a few minor items. The roadway improvement phase has now began.

Concrete curb & gutter removal and replacement is being performed at select locations including areas damaged during construction, generally poor condition, or to improve drainage. During the roadway improvements phase, we ask that you do not park your cars along the street during working hours to facilitate the construction operations. If your driveway access will be restricted during the concrete replacement process, a letter has been delivered providing details regarding schedule and parking options.  If you received a general letter stating concrete curb & gutter replacement, your driveway access will not be restricted, but we continue to ask you not to park on the street during working hours.

The contractor will also begin excavating the stone trenches where the underground utility improvements were completed. This work is anticipated to begin on Tuesday, May 17th. Again, we request you do not park on the street during working hours. There may be a period of time when access is not allowed due to the trench being excavated in front of your driveway prior to the asphalt patch material being installed; however access will be provided each night. The contractor will notify you prior to excavating adjacent to driveways.

Once the contractor completes the concrete curb & gutter replacement and trench paving, the amount of dust along the street should be greatly reduced.

Landscape restoration with sod is anticipated to begin within the next 2 weeks, with hopes of being completed prior to Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding during the numerous water shut-downs required during the duration of the water main replacement portion of the project. Thank you in advance to those residents who will be without driveway access during concrete curb & gutter replacement.