Friday, June 10, 2016

Major Construction Completed!!!

Work Completed Last Week, June 6th to June 10th
·         Paved asphalt surface on roadway
·         Completed asphalt driveway restorations
·         Completed construction of earthen berm along East Lake Avenue
·         Installed arborvitae trees on earthen berm
·         Completed topsoil and sod restorations along project site
·         Complete topsoil, seed, and erosion blanket restoration along vacant properties
·         Village contractor removed 3 dead trees on vacant properties
·         Removed traffic control signage from project site
·         General site clean-up

Work Anticipated to be completed Next Week, June 13th to June 17th  
·         Perform walk through with Village staff to identify any areas that need to be addressed by contractor
·         Complete general clean-up of project site.

Major construction is now completed!!! Village staff and the contractor will walk the site in the coming days to identify any areas that need additional work.

Regarding the landscape restoration, the contractor will continue to water the landscape restoration areas until a healthy stand of grass is established. Any areas that do not survive will be restored by the contractor.

We understand it has been a long process to get to this point. We appreciated all your patience and understanding throughout the construction project. We are hopeful that you are satisfied with the improvements to the neighborhood.